Buy & Sell Your Textbooks

Now you can save more money, make more money, and help fund a good cause!

Buy & Sell Your Textbooks

Now you can save more money, make more money, and help fund a good cause!

Getting Started Is Easy

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Sign-up to sell your books.  Then list them.  Its that easy!

Need help selling your book? Email us and we'll reach out to our audience to see who needs it.

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Shop by degree type or browse our the entire shop.

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Buyers choose what books they want and save money.

Sellers ship books and make more money by selling them direct to buyers.

More Money Plus A Good Cause

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More Money In Your Pocket

Most websites buy textbooks, hold them as inventory, then sell them to you at inflated prices.

At, there is no middle man. You buy directly from former students.

Therefore, buyers pay less and sellers put more in their pockets!

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For A Good Cause

When you buy text books from our site, The seller pays a 10% commission.

The money we collect is used to fund student education courses, scholarships, financial workshops, travel and lodging to student conferences, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website free to use?

Buyers: Yes, you only pay for your books. You do not pay anything to

Sellers: Joining and posting your textbooks is free. We only take a 10% commission fee which is based on the price of the books you sell.


Who is responsible for shipping the textbooks?

The seller is responsible for shipping all books.  After the books are purchased, sellers will be provided the shipping information for each buyer. is not responsible for the delivery of any textbooks.


How Am I Paid?

The commission you earn on the sell of your book will be paid via Amazon gift card.


When will I receive the money for the textbooks that I resell?

We send the funds to you 30 days after purchase. We hold the funds in case their is a dispute between buyer and seller.


What happens if I don't receive the textbooks that I purchased?

Buyers have 30 days to claim a textbook as not being delivered.  If a non-delivery claim is sent to, we will reach out to the seller.  If they provide evidence that delivery was made, then it is up to the buyer to submit a claim with the delivery company. If the seller can not prove delivery then all monies will be refunded to the buyer and the seller will not receive a pay out. 

Recommendations: We highly recommend sellers using UPS or FedEx and obtaining a tracking number for proof of delivery.  


What if I don't find the textbook I'm looking for?

If you are looking for a specific book for a degree listed below and don't find it on our site, then let us know. We have extensive contacts in these fields:

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Optometry
  4. Physician Assistant
  5. Nurse Practioners

If you are not studying in one of these professions and don't find the textbook you are looking for in our "Other" category, then you can search for the book via our partnership with Amazon.


What if I list my textbook but it doesn't sell?

First, give it some time.  Most purchases take place at the beginning of semesters, i.e. book buying is very cyclical.

Also, if you are in the following industries and can't find a buyer, let us know.  We have a tremendous audience in the following fields that we can advertise to:

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Optometry
  4. Physician Assistant
  5. Nurse Practioners

Can I Buy/List digital textbooks?

Yes, digital books are supported.


About Us

My name is Cindy Hon and I'm the creator of  

A few years ago my husband founded FitBUX.  Since 2016, they have helped new grads manage and eliminate over $1.4 billion in student loans as well helping them navigate their financial journeys.

We are always trying to figure out creative ways to help reduce the cost of education as well as provide financial education which is lacking in our education system.

Therefore, I created this website to help students buy cheaper textbooks and for those that have already completed their studies to put some money back in their pockets.

50% of the funds we receive go to running the site.  The other 50% is is used to provide funding for scholarships, financial education workshops, and just about anything you can think of to help students!

Buy & Sell Textbooks Cindy Hon & FitBUX